Professional Development Training and Workshops 

- Train educators on how to modify and differentiate curriculum to support all learning styles.

- Preparing learning goals and objectives for all students including  at-risk and IEP students.

- Train educators on how to build a resource toolbox for students and their learning needs.

- Providing educators and administrators with up to date laws in regards to special education.

- Holistic strategies to build a bridge of communication, academics and character trait development

- Lesson Plan Support.

- Classroom Management Support.

- Teacher Coaching and Mentoring

- Administrative Supports.

- Common Core and NJ Learning Standards Supports.

- Contact us for more personalized services and information.

Parent and Student Supports

School Planning- The decision as to whether to educate publicly through a district, charter, privately or at home involves a great many factors, including money. Since there is no perfect school for all children, the decision becomes one of individual appropriateness. Ms. Harvey Ed.m can help a family determine the important school/learningcharacteristics to look for given their child’s unique needs.

Support for Special Educational Needs – Parents and children have rights guaranteed to them by federal law to ensure that the special educational needs of children with disabilities are met. An independent agent can advocate for the child during all phases of the special education process. After the IEP support is crucial for the success of your child and we are here to make that transition successful.

*New* HomeSchool Classes, Resources and Workshops - For our homeschooled students TLGH offers hands-on real-world based classes in math, reading, science, and history given by a  NJ certified educator. Resources and workshops provided to assist homeschool students are researched based. 

Tutoring-  Supports for all students are based on the NJ Common Core State Standards. Students will build confidence while receiving understanding and patience from their tutor. ( Special supports for struggling and LD students)

AfterSchool Program- Students participate in homework help and afternoon enrichment opportunities and mentoring.

 All training, workshops  and instructional materials use proven research driven supports to help educators and their students. 

Educational Strategies- Help parents and students build a strategic line of academic communication in order to build educational successes in the classroom.

​Adult Learning Support- GED and ESL coaching

College Preparatory Resources- College Planning, SAT Resources, Financial Aid Support, Job Searching Support

                                                                     EDUCATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS

September 2018- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Workshops with Charter Schools and Private Independent and Religious schools begin for the 2018-2019 school year

June 2018- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Summer Coaching program grades K-12 begins

Feb 2018 - TLGH's supplemental learning program, The Creative Arts and Academics program is now accepting students for summer active and creative learning.

Jan 2018 - THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE offers adult learning tutoring for HSE and ESL students in Hudson County and Bergen County.

Oct 2017-  THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE partnered with NJ agency to tutor and provide life skills to the developmentally challenged adults in Hudson County.

Sept 2017- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE School reopened for the 2017-2018 school year

July 2017- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Summer Day Program was introduced in Hudson County.

July 2017- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Services, LLC became a member of the International Literacy Association

June 2017- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Services, LLC launches elementary and middle school STEM program  for homeschoolers, students and schools.

May 2017- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE and NJ Nonprofit DREAM.CREATE.LIVE. partner to create college to career services to local residents in Union County, NJ

April 2017-  THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE helped prepare  Miftaahul Uloom Academy teachers and administration in successfully getting their school accredited by AdvancED and CISNA.

February 2017 - Educational Consultant/Strategist, Nashima Harvey, Ed.M became a member of KAPPA DELTA PI International Honor Society  


February 2016- ​THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Publishing launched second E-book, 10 Essentials for the Inclusive Classroom 

January 2016- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Publishing is added to THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE academic brand

January 2016-  Educational Consultant/Strategist, Nashima Harvey, Ed.M was interviewed by Renee Pena from 

September 2015- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE School became a registered non public school with the New Jersey Department of Education now serving grades K-2 and offering homeschool classes, resources and workshops for grades k-8.

September 2015- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Services, Nashima Harvey, Ed.M became a member of the NJ HomeSchool Association.

November 6, 2014- THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE is featured in the Bulletin. 

                                                                                    TLGH Educational Videos



THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Services,  LLC provides one-on-one tutoring in Math, Reading, and Writing. We also offer homework help test prep and summer  academic supports.

Our Educators 

All The Little Green House Educational Services, LLC teachers are certified to teach bin their subject area. Many also have certifications or licenses for specialty areas. 


Educational Services

  • Professional development
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • InClass Modeling
  • Best Practices/Resources
  • Adult Learning/HSE Prep
  • College Preparatory


Planting the seeds of education and watching academic success grow!